Become a Referral Partner

Our Referral Program provides our Sitecore implementation partners with an easy and profitable way to refer opportunities across our Dataweavers Standard and Premium product. As a Sitecore digital agency, independent consultant or developer, we want to help you earn commissions by easily referring our solutions to your customers and prospects. Referral partners will receive an immediate rewards and benefits for their referrals. With our proven process, dependable technology, incredible platform backing and happy customers, it is easy to refer Dataweavers to your customers.

Helping you focus on what you do best

Many referral programs complex contracts, commitments and tiering that can make it hard to do business. We have no fees or commitments in this program. You are rewarded for referring leads through our portal and in return we'll support co-branding, marketing and training resources. We have a dedicated partner sales and support team in Europe, Singapore, Australia and North America focused on help you learn why DevOps and Managed Sitecore Cloud Solutions on Azure are the best way to deliver Sitecore and grow a profitable relationship for us both.

Differentiate your Sitecore development business

Have you built a unique solution for the Azure Cloud that works with, or complements Sitecore? Let us help you accelerate that IP by productising it and delivering within the Dataweavers platform. We can help you with the hard bits, like ARM templates and cloud standardisation, ensuring your product is supported, maintained and upgraded with each of your clients Sitecore PaaS deployments. Make your business unique by leveraging the power of the Dataweavers Managed DevOps & Hosting Platform on Azure PaaS.

Program Benefits

  • Bundle your own unique Sitecore/Cloud IP within Dataweavers
  • Fast payments to partners for their referrals
  • Dedicated support for you and your customers
  • Unique access to Dataweavers technology and team
  • Designated partner account manager

Program Requirements

  • Be a Sitecore implementation partner, MVP or Certified Developer
  • Register Opportunities via our Portal

To become a Dataweavers partner today.