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How to get your MarTech hosting costs as low as they can go

| 15.11.2022 | 

Many of our prospects come to us because they know they are paying more for their marketing technology (MarTech) than they should be.  

Whether the budget is large or small, the biggest difference in success and stagnation is how those marketing dollars are spent. How can you get the most effective MarTech stack possible with maximum impact for your ROI with minimum spend? 

  1. Balance the cost of infrastructure with both peak demand and quality of service.

If you have an infinite budget, then you get all the MarTech you want. Most of us don't have that, so we need to create a balance between our spend and the service we want. We also need to find the point at which more spend leads to less outcome or the point of peak demand. Once we have this, we realize we don't need an infinite budget to get the highest ROI, because there is a point at which we start getting less and less from the money we spend. 

  1. Scale initially to meet the load times as defined in the business requirements.

You are already one step ahead of the game if you have determined optimal load time with respect to peak demand (you can always shave another fraction of a second off, but does it really matter?), but if you haven't, make it a goal to work up to the load times that the core of your business requires. 

  1. Have an appropriately sized PaaS configuration for the task at hand.

You can always outsource more of your operations into the cloud, but again, balance is the key. Moving your infrastructure out of your physical office can seem freeing at first. But, the cost savings you can see from outsourcing activities that are outside of your core competency can be substantial, and your economic opportunity cost will likely drop from there. The best solution is to have a flexible strategy that can be expanded or reduced as necessary, with trusted partners available to take the burden of important operational tasks that take your manpower away from what you do the best. 

  1. Scaling CMS Marketing applications independently during a given day, hour or minute is of huge benefit to any organisation.

Most companies regardless of the industry can make an immediate improvement to a MarTech stack through a flexible content management system. If you have a system with applications that can be scaled independent of each other, that is more than likely an investment you should take. Technology has moved forward quite rapidly in this regard, giving you the option of a relatively cost-effective benefit that can optimize ROI while keeping MarTech costs low. 


The right partner to help 

Dataweavers enables organizations to serve fast, low-latency web pages and consistent user experiences when under peak demand, without having to incur the costs of permanently scaling. 

At Dataweavers, we make it our business to ensure your manpower is where it should be — with your customers. To help you, our specialty is serving your clientele an optimized digital experience that they can count on regardless of peak demand. What's more, your costs reflect the amount of resources your business needs at the time. We optimize your cost in near real-time, activating exactly the MarTech stack you need in order to serve the customers you have. 

We are happy to consult with you to determine the exact needs of your company. Please get in touch with us if you feel your MarTech costs are too high, or if you simply believe there may be a way to optimize your ROI. 

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