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Deploying Sitecore in Azure PaaS

| 19.07.2022 | 

We are big fans of Microsoft Azure, and as a Gold Cloud Platform Partner it’s no secret that we recommend deploying your Martech on Azure PaaS.

But why?

Deploying Sitecore on Azure PaaS delivers agility, scalability, and value to businesses. We find that companies who leverage Azure PaaS have a better ability to grow fast, have more capacity to scale on demand, and reduce their hosting costs.

As a flexible, enterprise-grade platform, Azure delivers streamlined deployment across a variety of global data centres, enabling large and mid-sized businesses to operate anywhere, anytime. This deployment offers enhanced capabilities to corporate environments, allowing marketing departments to deliver campaigns, landing pages, and websites, while also providing IT teams with reliability, speed, and scale.

The result is robust, results-driven business who can remain competitive in a modern, digitally driven market.

The Benefits of deploying Sitecore on Azure PaaS

Microsoft Azure PaaS deployments provide businesses with cost-effective, agile, and scalable capabilities. By deploying Sitecore on Azure, companies gain the ability to easily and efficiently deliver digital experiences from day one, while also responding to an evolving market with ease.

Other benefits of Sitecore deployment on Azure PaaS include:

  • Decreased the time to market: With content management capabilities, as well as personalisation, analytics testing, instant deployment, and multi-channel optimisation, Microsoft Azure PaaS combined with DevOps supports the dynamic and fast-paced marketing environment.
  • Improved speed, agility, and scale for IT teams: Sitecore can be deployed in little as 30 minutes, and is capable of automatically scaling instances, CPUs, and RAM. Businesses can utilise automated and repeatable provisioning, and benefit from natively supported Microsoft Azure services.
  • Optimised results for business: Sitecore integrates with existing backend infrastructure and investments, while also meeting enterprise compliance and security requirements.
  • Predictable costs: Azure delivers pay-as-you-go metering, enabling optimised budgeting.
  • Security: We use Role-Based Access Control to apply security to all the different resources inside your Azure subscription.

Kickstart your Cloud Journey

Sitecore provides many of the tools required to get started with Sitecore in the cloud, ARM templates, Azure Marketplace and tools like Sitecore SIF. But that’s where the journey ends for most teams, and the unknown process of building and configuring a reliable, scalable deployment process often leaves organisations drowning in uncertainty.

Dataweavers brings years of experience managing and deploying Sitecore in the cloud, by providing a fully managed DevOps & Cloud solution. Sitecore customers can kickstart their cloud journey and have advanced Azure features, bespoke customisations and a true end-to-end Continuous Integration and Deployment process immediately.

Sitecore for your Business

When planning your Sitecore deployment on Azure PaaS, there are four questions to answer first. These will help ensure that your company is prepared for deployment by having the correct resources available.

  1. What is the right Sitecore configuration for my company? Your business might benefit from the Sitecore Experience Platform, or the Sitecore Experience Manager. Understanding which service suits your needs best is a good place to start. Dataweavers can help with recommended topologies fit for your needs
  2. What is the scale of my deployment? Companies benefit from a smaller testing environment, but might also require large-scale production capabilities. Knowing the appropriate size will help you save time and money and ensure an effective deployment.
  3. Can I get help? If you aren’t sure if Sitecore deployment in Azure PaaS is right for your business, we can help. A free 90-minute meeting with Dataweavers can uncover solutions that will enable you to build better business, fast.

If your company is looking to grow fast but has a slow Martech machine, implementing Dataweavers could be your best way forward. To find out more about deploying Sitecore in Azure PaaS, get in touch with us to find out more.

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