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Dataweavers' US Team Grows Stronger with Four New Additions: Patrick Hatton, Carla Triana, Sarah Golden, and Jess Hann

| 08.01.2024 | 


The Dataweavers' US team is pleased to announce a strategic expansion with the addition of four highly motivated professionals: Patrick Hatton, Carla Triana, Sarah Golden, and Jess Hann.

Patrick Hatton - Technical Architect
Patrick Hatton, stepping into the role of Technical Architect, brings a wealth of experience as a Principal Architect specializing in Solution Architecture, with a focus on Sitecore, Commerce, design patterns, and .NET. Patrick combines a robust software development background with a keen business sense. He holds an MA in Information Systems – Software Engineering, a BS in Business and Management, and certifications in Sitecore, Cloud Apps, BigCommerce, InsiteCommerce, and Sharepoint.

Patrick is driven by a passion for simplifying outcomes and providing success through technical solutions. He expresses his commitment to Dataweavers by stating, "I hope to bring value to Dataweavers by supporting and guiding successful onboardings for our customers. Further, I hope to provide updated and consistent success to existing customers and their operations."

He is excited about learning new things and sees AI as a tool to extract relevant information, recognizing "the need for relevant information and technologies capable of conveying such pertinent data. Further, I believe automation and standardization will be key in delivering success so all organizations that operate on this basis will have a bright future."

Carla Triana - Business Development
Carla Triana, our new Business Development professional for the central region, with over three years in technology and business development, excels in prospecting and generating new business. She's worked with industry leaders like SiteMinder and Sitecore, and has a background in International Business and Marketing from Ohio University.

Carla is eager to contribute to Dataweavers' growth in the United States. She envisions utilizing her skillsets to increase brand awareness and showcase the power of our platform. Carla's decision to join Dataweavers was straightforward, citing two compelling reasons: "Great product" and "Amazing People." 

"I got into sales because of my obsession with solving challenges, and Dataweavers’ platform addresses some of the most complex WebOps issues while delivering an exceptional product.”

She values the human-centric approach at Dataweavers and is passionate about creating inclusive spaces, mentioning her mentorship of Latino adolescents and support for HR teams in creating employee resource groups. 

Her unique perspective, having previously worked at Sitecore, equips her to connect with clients from a place of understanding. Carla's experience allows her to not only comprehend Sitecore customers and their goals but also empathize with their challenges. “Now at Dataweavers, I am in a unique position to bridge the gap between clients' aspirations and effective solutions.”

Sarah Golden - Account Executive
Sarah Golden, our seasoned Account Executive for the East Coast, brings an impressive 20+ years of experience in the digital/web domain. Having navigated roles from Abuse & InfoSec to Sales, Sarah has been a pivotal force in customer success and problem-solving. She holds a BA in Religious Studies from Georgia State University, complemented by a minor in history.

Sarah sees her role as a valuable opportunity to expand her knowledge of Sitecore and advocate for the advantages of WebOps when engaging with new prospects, all while contributing to the growth of Dataweavers in the US. She holds a genuine appreciation for Dataweavers' outstanding platform reviews and its capacity to assist clients in saving both time and man-hours. Sarah's background interest in compliance and security aligns with Dataweavers' mission, and her goal extends beyond driving marketing initiatives, stating that she “aspires to guide clients in enhancing these critical areas, fortifying their overall operational efficiency. 

“I also enjoy meeting new prospects and exploring their business goals.” Sarah shares, highlighting her genuine interest in understanding the unique challenges and aspirations of each client.

Jess Hann - Client Consultant
Jess, our versatile and seasoned Client Consultant, brings a wealth of experience across an array of industries, including pharmaceuticals, digital marketing, HR/recruitment, industrial chemicals, and technology. Her commitment to being a trusted advisor and empathetic consultant has defined her career, where she's successfully led high-performing teams, ranging from Sales Development Representatives to Inbound and Outbound Consultants.

"As a leader, I believe in collaboration, problem-solving, and a client-centric approach. It's not just about providing a service; it's about fostering long-term success for our clients," Jess shares.

Having attended the University of Akron on a softball scholarship and Washtenaw Community College, with a certification in Phlebotomy by the state of Michigan, Jess embodies a unique blend of skills and expertise. Additionally, her AdWords certifications from Google showcase her commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends.

Jess's goal is to elevate the client experience at Dataweavers, drawing on her diverse background to drive long-term success for clients. "I hope to continue to enhance the strength of the team through thoughtful interactions and envelop the US Market with Dataweavers information, providing a better way for companies to achieve success.”

Dataweavers welcomes Patrick, Carla, Sarah, and Jess to our US team, and we look forward to seeing how their expertise and motivation drive our growth and innovation initiatives in the States.

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