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Insights from the Cleveland Sitecore User Group Meeting

| 07.02.2024 | 

On January 30th, the Cleveland Sitecore User Group Meeting was held to bring together industry experts and enthusiasts to explore how the Sitecore ecosystem is evolving to align with business objectives. The event showcased insights on the crucial role of continuous deployment in achieving long-term growth for Sitecore users.

Connecting the Sitecore community

The Cleveland Sitecore User Group Meeting offered attendees a platform to delve into the latest advancements in Sitecore technology. With the brisk Midwest air as a backdrop, participants immersed themselves in discussions on how the Sitecore ecosystem is adapting to meet evolving business needs. 

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Key Insights: Continuous Deployment 

At the heart of the event was the realization that continuous deployment is not just a buzzword but a critical component for organizations striving to stay ahead in today's digital landscape. The meeting shed light on how a secure, automated, and highly integrated solution is imperative for achieving sustained growth and exceeding business goals. 

Dataweavers' Involvement  

Dataweavers, a proud sponsor of the event, played a pivotal role in sharing insights on leveraging Sitecore XM Cloud to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Jess Hann, representing Dataweavers, took center stage to convey how digital teams can harness Dataweavers' to standardize and automate the build and management process of their Sitecore platform. 

From our experience and conversations with customers it is a common ambition for digital leaders to be able to have continuous deployment requirements based on business goals. Dataweavers through the use of automation, manage pre-built pipelines that facilitate release on demand offering our customers the velocity to release more frequently and with complete confidence.

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A big thank you!

Gratitude is extended to Lisa Saltsman for hosting the event and to all the speakers who shared their valuable insights, including Brandon Bruno from Sitecore. Special recognition is owed to Krysti Ellis at Akkodis and Dataweavers for their sponsorship, which made the event possible. 

The Cleveland Sitecore User Group Meeting served as a beacon for businesses navigating the complexities of the digital landscape. As organizations strive to elevate their digital presence and deliver unparalleled customer experiences, events like these become invaluable. With continuous deployment as the compass guiding us toward long-term success, the event demonstrated the importance of staying informed and connected within the Sitecore community.



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