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Dataweavers Team Grows with the New Appointment of Ray Gilbert

| 15.11.2023 | 


Dataweavers is thrilled to welcome Ray Gilbert, our new Account Executive in North America.

Ray joins the team with extensive experience, having spent his professional career in AdTech and MarTech exclusively. He has worked in agency, client and sales departments for organizations such as Dentsu Aegis, The Wall Street Journal and Sitecore.

During his tenure at Sitecore, Ray had the opportunity to collaborate with Dataweavers, witnessing first-hand the value and success our company provides to our customer base.

When we asked Ray what he hopes to achieve in his role, he said:

“To make customers happy. I am customer-obsessed. I enjoy solving complex operational and technical challenges that would otherwise prohibit an organization from continuous innovation to their unique offerings. Professionally, nothing is more gratifying than a satisfied customer. It's what motivates me to excel in my role.

Ray’s experience at Sitecore, coupled with his considerable knowledge of MarTech, gives him a clear understanding of the challenges Sitecore Platform owners encounter when adopting DXP solutions. His customer-centric approach aims to address these issues and streamline the process, ultimately leading to a smoother transition.

“My ambitions [at Dataweavers] are to help more Sitecore customers get unstuck and out of maintenance mode so they can maximize their investments.”

Platform owners need to have a reliable environment in order to focus on innovating, and this is where Ray sees Dataweavers succeeding and, in part, why he was driven to join our team. While the future of MarTech is expected to bring new challenges and transformations, Ray is optimistic about a promising market opportunity, stating:

“Everything that can be automated will be automated.”

We welcome Ray to the Dataweavers team, where he will play a pivotal role in driving growth, establishing connections with new customers, and addressing the challenges faced by them and their organizations.

At Dataweavers we believe that Platform Operations for Apps like Sitecore should be managed as repeatable and standardized, in an end-to-end ecosystem - so that digital teams spend time building experiences rather than managing infrastructure. So, the Dataweavers WebOps platform uses automation to help enterprise organizations build, run, optimize, and secure web infrastructure and apps.

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