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5 MarTech trends for 2023 that are here to stay

| 27.01.2023 | 


The marketing industry is increasingly reliant on purpose-built technology platforms to build awareness, engage with new consumers and develop strong relationships with existing customers. MarTech is driving this shift, so here are 5 major trends that will shape its use and development over the course of 2023 and beyond. 


First-party data

The global drive towards bringing privacy to the digital world will continue to pick up speed and isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. Privacy negligent marketing is no longer tolerated and ‘cookies’ are continually being exposed for what they are, invasive 3rd party tracking devices. The need for the marketing tech stack to be able to efficiently capture first-party data is not only morally important, but it is essential for companies to be able to continue to effectively engage and build relationships with their customers.

AI-driven tech stacks

For years backend platforms have been managed and built by digital teams. Digital teams have spent 90% of their time managing the infrastructure of products like Sitecore and only small amounts of time are available for creating digital experiences. Not anymore, thanks to AI-driven platform builders that standardise and automate these platforms digital teams can flip up that time split, from 90 and 10 to 10% management and 90% delivering excellent digital experiences. 


Chatbots will continue to form key parts of initial customer interactions. Driven by automated and standardised back-end platforms, these AI-driven interaction solutions will go to another level of efficiency, providing consumers with faster and easier ways to obtain relevant information in minutes. 


Personalization has become the norm. Consumers continue to expect a wider range of information available in a single convenient package. No longer are consumers satisfied with finding one piece of information here and then another piece there until they build the full picture of the product they want. 

Consumers expect all the relevant personalized information in one place, even if the data has to be pulled from multiple sources or pages. New email marketing tools are emerging in the market that allows consumers to receive newsletters relevant to a topic that pulls relevant data from multiple sources and collates it into a single blast for the customer to read. All digital experience platforms will continue to come into line with this, providing consumers with all the relevant information based upon accurate and efficient first-party data collection.

Environmentally conscious tech

Consumers are becoming more and more aware of the ‘invisible’ environmental cost of technology. Technology solutions that reduce their organizations' carbon footprint will come to the fore as a continually relevant topic amongst MarTech. As the technology looks to build respect and be recognized as a top priority within business decision-making units. 

These 5 trends are driven by a desire for deeper consumer relationships, better customer experience and accurate personalization to help take marketing forward as a discipline and see better sales and conversion rates for companies. As an innovation leader in the MarTech industry, Dataweavers is positioned incredibly well to address these core trends for 2023 with the core platform capabilities.


Here are 6 MarTech problems that Dataweavers’ solve. 


  1. Risk of data mishandling or privacy breach from digital experience platforms
  2. Poor experience on digital platforms, with features always up to date
  3. First-party data collection across platforms that is efficient, consistent and reliable. 
  4. Automated, standardized and secure digital experience platforms. 
  5. Reduced time to market, the Dataweavers platform reduces backend platform build time from 9 months to hours.  
  6. Reduced carbon footprint through efficient and less energy intensive MarTech solutions. 

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