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How to avoid a cyberattack in 2024: Is your website protected?

| 14.03.2024 | 

Securing your website against cyber-attacks in a volatile environment can be exceptionally challenging.   In an era where cybersecurity incidents can inflict an average cost of $4.5 million on organizations, adopting a proactive stance is crucial. IBM’s recent report, the Cost of a Data Breach 2023, emphasizes the urgency for CIOs and development teams to prioritize robust cybersecurity measures. 

1. Take an Automated Approach to Threats 

In order for organizations to be proactive, they need to effectively manage various challenges such as reliability, performance, business continuity, and deployment velocity. As awareness of cyber threats continues to increase, our analysis from conducting Web Readiness Assessments shows that more than half (52%) of IT teams prioritize security and privacy. Therefore, it's imperative for organizations to prioritize the development of cybersecurity measures to safeguard against potential threats.

Additionally, organizations must measure the risk associated with potential cyberattacks and compare the cost of Sitecore upgrades with the estimated expense of a cyberattack. Utilizing tools like an autonomous endpoint protection system such as Cloudflare not only reduces DDoS risk, but also enhances overall cybersecurity stance. Lastly, developing an automation plan with a comprehensive strategy is essential to foster an environment where innovation and change are integrated.  

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2. Mitigate Cyber Risks with the latest application updates  

Staying up to date with the latest version of the Sitecore platform helps minimize vulnerabilities. According to a survey conducted by Dataweavers among over 400 Sitecore customers, consistent software and system updates prove to be the most efficient way to prevent cyberattacks on your content management system (CMS). Dataweavers addresses the challenges encountered by Sitecore users by prioritizing security and compliance, streamlining processes through automation, and defining clear responsibilities within the Sitecore framework, ultimately enhancing team efficiency.

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3. Build an Innovative Climate 

Dataweavers' established ecosystem is built on the foundations of solid platform engineering. Ensuring secure integrations and facilitating more frequent headless deployments are essential strategic imperatives. These proactive measures involve seamlessly incorporating new components into the broader MarTech stack, including the latest Sitecore XM Cloud and the Dataweavers Rendering Host. 

Prioritize Security in an Evolving Landscape 

In summary, prioritizing security measures is crucial to prevent cyberattacks. Maintaining support and staying up to date not only allows for flexibility in utilizing new features but also establishes a resilient, future-ready infrastructure. The potential consequences of insecurity and the impact of postponed updates stresses the importance of staying proactive to protect your organization's reputation, assets, and project schedules.

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