Our Proven Process

We remove the complexity of delivering and maintaining Sitecore®, by giving you a bulletproof managed hosting service and your development teams the DevOps tools be successful. We give organisations secure, audited, maintainable and compliant infrastructure as code, that allows you to automate PaaS deployments with one click.

We are 100% aligned with Sitecore best practices that streamline the developer experience; allowing them to spend less time fighting infrastructure fires and more time coding. We help your marketing team access more features in your MarTech platforms, allowing them to rely less on other teams and do more marketing.

Discover our 7 step process

  1. 1

    This one-day workshop brings key business stakeholders together to complete our 86-point Sitecore checklist.

  2. 2
    Solution Audit

    Working with your developers to audit your code and complete our Sitecore PaaS readiness assessment

  3. 3
    Solution Design

    Our comprehensive Solution Design articulates the decision-making criteria for your Sitecore end-to-end deployment on Microsoft Azure PaaS.

  4. 4

    If you are on an older version of Sitecore, a platform migration is the perfect time to upgrade. We will perform the upgrade, working with your development team to re-architect any features or functionality identified during the audit as incompatible with the Cloud.

  5. 5
    Infrastructure Deployment

    Zero-to-cloud, deployed in as little as 14 days.

  6. 6
    Testing & UAT

    Load, Performance and Penetration Testing as standard. Working with your teams to conduct thorough testing before launch. We can help your teams create test plans, unit tests and a repeatable testing approach for future releases and upgrades.

  7. 7

    Our office or yours... we'll bring everyone together, manage the DNS cutover and bring the Champagne.

  8. Support, Maintain

    Continuous Sitecore & Infrastructure upgrades, platform and devops support, monitoring and reporting.


Let us show you how fast your Sitecore team can go and get a free licence audit and topology recommendation today.