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Dataweavers' Marketing Team Expansion: We welcome Bianca Centeno and Alana Deghelli

| 01.12.2023 | 


In the ever-evolving realm of digital transformation, Dataweavers proudly stands at the forefront of change, challenging conventions in Sitecore Platform management. As we embark on an exciting expansion into the United States, it remains vital to reaffirm our core mission: addressing the challenges faced by Sitecore Platform owners with custom architectures that are often over-engineered, expensive, and resistant to change.

At the heart of our mission is an unwavering commitment to providing a reliable environment for innovation. We understand the pitfalls of current practices—silos in digital agencies for front-end development and internal IT skills for infrastructure management. Dataweavers proposes a revolutionary platform operations approach, emphasizing end-to-end ecosystem development, standardized engineering practices, and reliable deployment through automation.

As part of this transformative journey, Dataweavers is thrilled to announce the expansion of our marketing team based in Australia, welcoming two outstanding individuals: Bianca Centeno, our new Product Content Manager, and Alana Deghelli, who is joining us as a Senior Product Marketing Manager.

Bianca, a seasoned Content Marketing & Digital Product professional, brings extensive experience from collaborating with MarTech organizations in the APAC and US regions.

Alana's professional journey started in finance in Australia and London, later discovering her passion for marketing upon returning to Australia. With over a decade of B2C and B2B marketing experience, Alana's recent focus has been on global industry and product marketing for an innovative enterprise technology company.

Alana shared the following about her aspirations as Senior Product Marketing Manager:

"My primary focus is customer centricity. We have the products/services that can help customers work more efficiently, whether that’s through time or cost savings or assisting in creating a culture of innovation in their workspace, I want to be able to create the connection that introduces our products and what the journey with us [Dataweavers] will look like."

Choosing Dataweavers was a strategic decision for Alana, driven by her enthusiasm for digital transformation and innovative technology. She envisions a broad market strategy: "Building [Dataweavers] across the APAC and US markets. Ensuring that customers are innovating and able to access technology that will feed back time to work on their top priorities."

When asked why she chose Dataweavers and what she wants to achieve in her role, Bianca said:

"I hope to create compelling and purposeful content for existing and potential clients that resonate, pushing the why and how of solving problems, and identifying the pain points of our clients and relating them to the solutions Dataweavers offers."

Bianca proactively chose to join the Dataweavers with the aim of maximizing her impact on both local and global levels. She expressed, "What piqued my curiosity was [Dataweavers’] case studies that demonstrate tangible results, and I want to be part of that."

Bianca envisions a comprehensive strategy for market opportunities: "Building the brand awareness of Dataweavers and its disruptive technology in the market on a local and global scale through multiple channels and variations of content."

Dataweavers welcomes Bianca and Alana to our dynamic marketing team, and we look forward to the valuable contributions they will make as we continue our journey of growth and innovation.

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