Isuzu UTE use Dataweavers to deliver fully automated, managed and maintained Sitecore 9 on Microsoft Azure PaaS.

Isuzu UTE Australia (IUA) was founded in 2008 with the introduction of the award-winning Isuzu D-MAX to the Australian market. Based in Brisbane, Queensland and despite being comparatively new to Australia, the Isuzu brand and network is extremely well established globally with over 100 years of automotive expertise. The company currently boast more than 150 authorised Isuzu UTE outlets across every state and territory in Australia, priding themselves on providing a high level of service and support across the country.

IUA’s previous bespoke CMS gave the marketing team limited ability to make timely updates to their own site, needing to log ticketed requests for almost all changes to content, while campaigns were run on a project-by-project basis. The company also felt the rising customer and client expectations of a more customer-focused, feature rich and personalised web experience. After inviting a number of implementation partners to pitch on a new website and recommended platform, IUA kicked off their website update project with Liquid Interactive using Sitecore as their platform of choice.

While the implementation of the website project was in flight and running smoothly, it became clear that ongoing resourcing would be required to manage the chosen Sitecore platform hosted on Microsoft Azure PaaS. The team knew they needed a dedicated managed service provider that was well positioned to assist with the deployments of the website – both at the time of go-live and as an ongoing maintenance and support service for the MarTech stack.



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Dataweavers bought a level of planning and consideration for all three parties that was a large part of why our new website deployment was ultimately successful.

Chris Macer Senior Marketing Manager at Isuzu UTE Australia

With just 3 weeks until go-live of the new website, IUA engaged Dataweavers. Through a collaborative tri-team delivery approach, Dataweavers’ focused on building the DevOps platform to deliver secure, audited, maintainable and compliant infrastructure as code, provisioned and monitored on Microsoft Azure PaaS. With the Dataweavers DevOps platform being 100% Sitecore best practice and meeting all Azure Security DevOps standards, working with the Liquid Interactive and IUA teams to complete load, penetration and security testing was streamlined prior to launch. Meeting these best practice standards from the outset ultimately resulted in the successful deployment of the new website on the day of go-live. The Dataweavers team provided onsite go-live support to ensure the smooth and secure transition of the DNS and other third-party services.

One of the main drivers of selecting Sitecore as their new web platform and CMS was to take advantage of both the existing and upcoming marketing technology functionality the platform offers. Personalisation, marketing automation, A/B testing & optimisation were key considerations during the decision-making process, as IUA not only wanted to implement Sitecore, but use its features with ease into the future.

Now, with a fully managed and maintained managed service by Dataweavers, IUA will always be on the latest version of Sitecore and have access to the up-to-date features and functionality that the platforms offers. Dataweavers streamlined the DevOps deployment process down to just 30-minutes and guarantees zero downtime. With this, the internal marketing team now have the freedom to update their own website, including redirecting traffic according to campaigns in market, updating retail deals, controlling vehicle configuration details, and the ability to collect and analyse data to start informing business-level decisions.


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