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Dataweavers Appoints Eric Webb Ahead of US Expansion

| 31.10.2022 | 

Dataweavers is excited to announce the appointment of Eric Webb to the role of the VP of Sales based in the United States. This is ahead of Dataweaver's recent round of investor funding with OIF Ventures to support the largest global expansion since the company was founded in 2018.

Eric joins the team with extensive experience, including executive roles in software sales for over 20 years and over 16 years in the CMS/DXP space:

“The majority of my career has been focused on successfully creating/building business opportunities from the ground up, whether it is establishing successful business practices in net new territories or building complete business operations within new regions.

A brief 2-year stint at Ektron gave me the foundation for success, with an introduction to the CMS industry and the opportunity to establish a successful practice in Canada, opening a new territory for the organization. This segued into an opportunity to join Kentico as the VP of Sales, where I successfully built their US presence from scratch operating as a lone wolf in the US for the 1st year and a half, and ultimately overseeing an office of 50 employees by the time I resigned.

"During my tenure, I spearheaded the creation and rollout of their training program, consulting services and local user groups. I organized and launched their inaugural 2010 annual global user conference in Denver. I proposed and implemented numerous management/sales methodologies and process improvements; and lead the efforts for our organizational transition from a perpetual licensing structure to a subscription license model, effectively achieving a 90%+ conversion rate of existing customers.”

When we asked Eric how he plans to approach his new role as VP of sales in North America for Dataweavers, he said:

“I approach my role in any organization or in management from a player-coach perspective and thrive on being in the action with my team. No company is perfect and there are always gaps that need to be filled and problems that need to be addressed; and it’s not enough to simply call them out…oftentimes, the only way these get resolved is by rolling up your own sleeves. In my experience, being a hands-on manager gives me greater visibility into what is working, what is not…and how to quickly pivot or adapt when necessary. My ambition is for the success of every member of the Dataweavers team in North America, as we strive for organizational goals and objectives.”

Being in the industry the past 16+ years, has given Eric firsthand insights on the numerous challenges faced by organizations during their adoption of CMS/DXP solutions. These challenges are not unique to individual vendors and are echoed across the entire industry and the customer base. Clients are version-locked, and unable to fully realize the value from their MarTech investments.

From his perspective, clients continually fall behind of modern system enhancements due to resource and tech deficit challenges. System management and infrastructure administration is an overly intensive or costly effort for most DXP clients, as well as digital agencies and other technical implementation partners.

“Dataweavers is uniquely positioned to address these challenges for our clients, agencies and vendors. There is a tremendous window of opportunity, in that we can provide a win-win-win for all entities involved in various phases or vantages of DXP projects.”

Eric is driven to be the best and brings that into any project he is focused on. Several adages driven into him when he was younger are still what drives him today:

  • A job worth doing is a job worth doing right - If you’re going to put effort into doing something, you need to put everything you have into doing it well and doing it successfully.
  • Perception is reality – It’s not always about winning or even successfully completing a job to the best of your ability. You also need to be mindful of how you treat others and be mindful of their perception of you along the way; because regardless of whether you win or lose, their perception is their reality and a negative sentiment will travel much farther and faster than a positive sentiment.


We welcome Eric to Dataweavers, working with our fast-growing team to help drive growth, connect with new clients, and help address the key issues faced by technology and marketing teams.

Dataweavers provides scalable end-to-end complex application delivery on a public and private cloud that accelerates MarTech for both development and marketing teams. Enable your digital teams to focus on delivering customer experiences that create business value instead of being caught up managing the overhead of infrastructure, applications, security, performance and upgrades.

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